Plasters for aches Plaster for Bruise Rheumatic and Analgesic 5's

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A great plaster for relieving pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, bone injury or muscular pain. With added herb, Oleum Caryophyll, it expels wind and dampness.
With added Tien Zi for improved blood circulation , thus relieving aches and pain quickly
Oleum Caryophyll 3 mg
Oleum Cinnamon 4 mg
Menthilum 8 mg
Bormeelum 5 mg
Moschus 2 mg
Chilli 5 mg
Panax PseudoGinseng Wali 5 mg
Camphor 5 mg
Radix Ledebounellae 5 mg
Herba Schizonepetae 5 mg
Methylis Salicylae 8 mg
Excipient added to 42 mg
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