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Our Physician Team

Our Physician Team


Dr Elaine Xu Chang Qing

  • 中医硕士 Master Degree in TCM
  • 首席中医顾问 Principal TCM Consultant
  • 富乐康中医院长 Dean of Ferragold TCM
  • 富乐康集团董事长 Chairwoman Ferragold Group of Companies


Dr Clement Ng Shin Kiat

  • 中医硕士 Doctor of Medicine in TCM
  • 首席顾问 Principal TCM Consultant
  • 富乐康中医 副院长 Vice Dean of Ferragold TCM


Dr Francis Lee Teck Hock

  • 资深老中医 Senior TCM Physician
  • 富乐康中医 副院长 Deputy Head Ferragold TCM


Dr Loh Sock Khim

  • 新加坡注册中医师 Registered TCM Physician in Singapore
  • 新加坡注册针灸师 Registered TCM Acupuncturist
  • 中医学院学士学位(新加坡中医学院,广州中医药大学)

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